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Sorry guys, in respect to privacy (and the Orkut admins), this feature has been disabled. I had previously employed a "workaround" which allowed only Orkut members to see the list (based on referer authentication). Do you think this would be an acceptable solution? Would you like to see the "list users" feature reenabled or permanently removed? Send comments to:

----------------------------------------------------------------------- From: "Orkut Admin" <> To: Subject: [#24648] Terms of Service Dear Roland, It has come to our attention that you have collected personal information about other members and displayed that information at without authorization. This use of our system violates the Terms of Service. The particular web page containing that information is:,4505600,716800,40 96000,18 Please immediately remove the Web pages containing users' personal information. In order for to remain a trusted community, we must insist that our members respect the privacy of others. If you continue to violate our Terms of Service, we may terminate your membership. The Team -----------------------------------------------------------------------